8 Cool Things I Found in January

Lineback y Pong in January

Lineback y Pong in January [California]

My new year started in November when I turned 34, so I’ve been steadily working on picking up some new habits and practices and finally getting that first pull up in. I am the proud owner of 1 hammer grip pull up and feeling pretty good about the doorway bar that will now get a little more of an energetic use. Other things that have made me stand up and shout “cooooooool!” this month: … Read more

Hey. Nice Men Grope, Too: What I Did & Didn’t Know, and What You Can Do

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, chad_k

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, chad_k

I consider myself an assertive and direct person.

So you can imagine how shocking it is to discover something like this about yourself — in the moment, and postmortem.

I’m writing about this now because I know many women and men — all considered peers, mentors and/or mentees — that also consider themselves assertive and direct. … Read more

I’d Like to Say I Did It On Purpose

team_danraj last practice

CSz San Jose

Every Tuesday night is all company practice night for the CSz San Jose team – it’s our weekly 2-hour meet to work on improv skills, concepts, and hone our craft. It’s been that way for as long as I’ve been with the team and much, much longer before that. Tuesdays have been, for the most part, off limits for 13+ years for me now.

Last night just happened to be a last practice for one of our players, Danraj. Every week, after practice is over, maybe a few folks will linger – typically only for a quick collaboration about side projects, because it’s late and families are waiting, responsibilities are hovering, and bedtimes are approaching.

As we broke for the evening, I realized the buzz in the room wasn’t just louder than usual – it was deafening. It was well after quittin’ time for this group, and there was a hum in the air – talking, laughing, catching up, hugs. Read more

The White Dress and Every Day


I’m in an odd phase where barely anything in my closet fits right now because of post-abdominal surgery bloat combined with the consequential decrease in my usual amount of physical activity and training. I went from 4 days of lifting and 4 days of HIIT, to a few slow walks per day, if i felt up for it.

It has been a maddening mind meltdown (Laura Lineback has heard my whining) to understand that a changing shape is 1) Perfectly OK, 2) Something to be embraced, and … Read more