About the Topics Here

There are a few topics I like to dive into. Some of them cross pollinate.


Specifically improvisational comedy, as an entertainment form. I like to discuss my takeaways from workshops, takeaways from coaching, thoughts on the skill of coaching, exploring the role of women in comedy, and sharing observations from being on the stage for 15+ years. CSz Worldwide and CSz Boston is my current endeavor.

Applied Improv

I believe the skills used in improv strengthen many other aspects of everyday life (i.e. personal growth, job, relationships, communication, professional development).  While I do enjoy performing improv comedy, I also love connecting the dots between improv and other industries and practices to make for a more fun, communicative, collaborative world.

More people to play with = More fun for everyone.


As long as I’ve worked in improv, I’ve spent time with hundreds of companies, coaching them on how to communicate more, collaborate better, fear less, laugh more, and everything else that can potentially make or break an organization. I’m fascinated by what creates and moves workplace culture – especially here in Silicon Valley, where almost every start-up describes their culture similarly (“work hard, play hard!”) with the same shiny objects (“Fit bit! Happy hours!”) and with the same buzz words (“team player” “rockstar” “not afraid to get their hands dirty”). The health of Americans won’t change if workplace culture doesn’t evolve for the better.


Some scribblings as life presses on.

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