A Prom Re-Do and Some Drag Queens

Rachel, Tammy and Me at ComedySportz Los Angeles.

Rachel, Tammy and Me at ComedySportz Los Angeles. Doing what I love with people i love.


Most ComedySportz friend gatherings happen because of a “wouldn’t it be cool if,” that is met with a vigorous “Yes, And.” 

These ladies – Tammy and Rachel – missed the closing night party at the ComedySportz World Championship, back in June, so they could take me to the ER and talk with the nurses and doctors on my behalf. That night, we arrived at the hospital in party dresses, with only one pair of shoes between the three of us.

They packed my things up at the hotel, in my absence. Listened to me correct the doctor’s grammar (I didn’t do it on purpose, it just slipped out). Stuck it out while I hallucinated through a walk to the bathroom for a urine test. All fun things

Cut to two months later, and we’ve gathered together on the west coast to have a fancy night out – to re-do the prom for ourselves. A true “wouldn’t it be cool if.”

To chat, get ready together, laugh, and relate, even and especially, as female comedians, is divine. Sublime. An opporutnity to re-align.

We’ll never know what we missed that night at the closing party. Pictures and videos looked like it was pretty great; I missed everyone dearly and was most sad to have the final night of my favorite week taken away. BUT, when loving, supportive and kind women in the CSz family ask you if you want to spend a weekend together, you say “Yes, and.”

I’ve spent the past two months learning to “Yes, And” the less exciting things: Surgeries. Recovery. Stubborn stitches. Rice porridge. Stomach pain.

Being able to “Yes, And” some fun stuff again felt so good.

Yes to the beach.

Showing off the new battle scars for the first time.

Santa Monica Beach

Yes to surprise matching intestinal swimsuits.

Two months ago these swimsuits made an appearance via a social share.

“Did you buy one?” – Tammy to Rachel
“No.” – Rachel
“Good, because I bought three.” – Tammy


Yes to improv with your friends.

First match I’ve done where all incisions have finally healed and I wasn’t worried about anything.


Yes to putting on the black dress and teal heels in Tammy’s arsenal.


Yes to late night pie, and laughing around the largest table they had at the diner.


Rachel Garmon (Richmond), Rick Steadman and Myles Nye (L.A), and Drew Tarvin (New York)


At House of Pies in Los Feliz….again.

Yes to brunch with a Drag Show included. 

It. Was. Amazing.



Waiter Thaddeus.

Waiter Thaddeus.


I know spectacular people. This weekend was a reminder that even when there’s a “No,” later down the road is a fantastic “Yes, And” waiting for you.

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